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Refurb Magellan Roadmate 300 GPS - $184 Shipped AR at Buy.com


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It looks like there's a $20 rebate as well, plus you can still use the $10 off $30 Google Checkout coupon. $163 for that GPS is a smokin hot deal!

The $193 is the price after the $20 rebate, so it would be $183 after Google Checkout, unless there is another $20 rebate that I don't see :)

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Now OOS (out of stock). Mixed user review on cnet (very good editors review)


Check reviews dot cnet dot com (I am too new here to post a link)


Magellan support is supposed to be the worst, and I would agree. I noticed buy.com listed 1.7M POI database, but other sites listed it as having 2M+ POI. I asked the CSR (after holding forever) if the unit with 1.7M POI (and probably outdated maps) would include an update (Garmin will). The update is not included, but could be purchased for $99. She was very persistent trying to sell me newer units, and got my email address, phone number, and name before answering any questions. I think the 300 came out in 2004, so this one could be quite outdated.


The 300 and 360 are slow, and not top rated by consumerreports dot org. The Magellan 760 and Garmin Nuvi are top rated.


The Roadmate 760 is now available at BUY dot COM for $365 - $50 (MIR) - $10 (GCO)= $305 Free shipping. This is a much more capable updated system that will pronounce street names, has a 20GIG drive built in, and 7M POI. Too bad it is a refurb with 90 day warranty. The unit is bulkier than I would like, the mount is cumbersome, and the support is lousy, but it is a great GPS.

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