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Target's Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Pony $269


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Target.com has the FurReal Butterscotch Pony for pre-sale for $269. This is $30 off the average MSRP of $299.


Don't forget the 10% off coupon code that expires 11/30...TCRCPTAA


Shipping & handling is around $40


Items: $269.99

Shipping & Handling: $40

Promotion Applied: -$27.00 (10% off)


Total Before Tax: $268.66

Estimated Tax:* $14.00 (in MA)


Order Total: $296.99


Ships November 30.


Walmart has the pony for $268.88 - but charges $75 for shipping.

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my 4 year old son fell in love with this at target. Of course they had it set up in a corral on an endcap right across from the paper towels which is what I went there for. No way to avoid the toy department when they set up the store the way they did this one in JAX. I cant see spendiong that much money for it though since it will probably be one of those things he would play with for a week and then forget about other than using it for a clothesrack.
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