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OOS: Disney Princess TV 13in Home Depot $44


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OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matching DVD player for $28!!!!!!!!!!



nevermind...."temporarily unavailable"


go figure.:mad:

Keep watching, might show up! Also, just a note, my Target had both the TV and DVD player clearing out, the TV got down to $49, don't know about DVD player so your Target may still have some.....I think they also had the Mickey Mouse one too.

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I think this is a wonderful gift, its something beside a toy. Last year, we thought outside the box with the kids gifts, yes they got toys but we went with a theme, my daughter likes Tinkerbell so I got her sheets, well her grandmother got her a memory foam mattress topper and pink fuzzy blanket, and than got some other things for her room that fit the theme. My son we did the same thing, got the mattress topper, sheets and blanket in Spongebob theme. He already has the spongebob TV and rug. They are 10 and 11, still play with certain toys but its great to find something that isn't the norm like the Princess TV, can go with a whole theme of movies, books, DVD player even some plug-in play games they can go in their rooms.....
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How did you price match it? Do you have to have the ad or can you print it off the internet?

I ran to Sears this afternoon and got both for $67 total!!! DD will be SO excited on Christmas a.m. I also printed out the ad. I was afraid since it showed the dvd player unavailable that they wouldn't but they did it! Yay!

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Does anybody have a copy of the DVD Player for this so I can take to Sears? I tried getting it through the HD website but it isn't available any more... :confused: Thanks!!

I do have it.. My scanner is down though.. I could try to send you a digital pic of it...


And I just got off the phone w/ my Sears appliance center.. they do not carry it, but will order it for me. He couldn't find the DVD player on the Sears website, but I did, so i'm gonna take it in. He about croaked when I told him how much my ad was.

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