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GottaDeal.com Hooded Sweatshirts - REFUNDS SENT


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By popular demand, I have decided to go ahead with ordering hooded sweatshirts, assuming there is enough demand. It is very important that you read this entire post before doing anything.


1. These sweatshirts are available by preordering only. I am only going to order enough to send to those who have paid for them ahead of time.


2. The only way to pay for one will be through PayPal. No cash, no checks, no money orders. If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up for one or find someone you know that has one.


3. Hooded sweatshirts will not be made available in the GottaPoints store.


4. Pricing is as follows: Sizes S thorugh XL: $23.00, Size XXL: $24.00, Size XXXL: $25.00. Prices include shipping via USPS Priority Mail.


5. DEADLINE EXTENDED! Preorders will be taken until midnight PT on October 30th. This will allow enough time for the sweatshirts to be ordered, shipped to me and shipped to you by Black Friday.


6. There is no limit on the number of sweatshirts you may preorder. There are no quantity discounts for ordering more than one.


7. To preorder, send your PayPal payment to [email protected] for the appropriate amount for the shirt size(s) you are ordering.


8. In the "comments/notes" section of your payment, include your forum username as well as what size(s) you are ordering. Payments received without this information will be refunded immediately.


9. If I do not receive enough preorders by 10/28 to justify placing an order, all payments will be refunded at that time.


10. There are no exceptions to these policies. However if you have a question about something that was not covered, please PM me.




As with the t-shirts, the cost for these is pretty much my cost for ordering them, shipping them to me and then shipping them to you. I don't make any $ on these (and probably lose money with PayPal fees). These are heavyweight sweatshirts with front pockets (similar to this).


To keep costs down, the sweatshirts will be the same color and have the same design as the current t-shirts have - a dark ash (grey) color with the "collegiate" style design:



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So do you guys order a size up on hoodies? I can't decide what size to get.

When I get the teenager pullover hoodies, I always get her an XL because she'll layer underneath it. I'm such a clutz that if I didn't get a XXL I might hurt myself trying to get it on and off. In my younger days I would want it tighter, but now, well a little "give" is a good thing.

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