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Game Cube games starting at $1.96 WOW


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:eyepoppin Circuit City has Game Cube games for as low as $1.96

Not all titles are in stock but I just ordered The incredibles and Shark Tales for $13.41 with shipping and tax.


Stock up for Christmas




For some reason the link won't work unless you copy and paste into a new browser.

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I just tried to order a bunch of gamecube and xbox games and everything I tried to get was gone. They all showed as available; then all but 2 weren't in stock when I tried to check out, and the 2 that it let me check out with apparently weren't there either as I kept getting error messages that it wouldn't accept my order at this time.
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Everytime I try to checkout it tells me that I removed all the items from my cart. Too late, I guess. :( I too thought that I was getting some good deals for Christmas.

:( Same Deal here... Sooo Bummed!! Anyone have any suggestions where to find PS2 games cheap? I need new not used for Christmas gifts. Thanks

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:cheesy: I got this one to work for 1.96.Not sure how to do a link & I'm new so please forgive me.

Rogue Ops™ (PlayStation®2)


• Publisher: GAME LABEL

• Developer: Bits Studio

• Category: Action • Rating: Mature

• Release date: 11/7/2003





after $13.03 savings

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Is this still going on?

I can't get the page to show up, even with copy/paste I get, "oops, the page you requested was not found" :(

Is there a way to get to the list from Circuit City's home page?


Woops, nevermind. I got to the list via the Spiderman game link. Thank you!

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Just got 4 games for $22.47 shipped! :cheesy: All PS2- medal of honor, the incredibles, ncaa basketball and hot shot golf. The first time I tried, I just clicked add to cart, but this time I figured out that if you click on the game title it will take you to a different screen that says if it is available.
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