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BIG LOTS Black Friday discussion thread


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Official Big Lots Black Friday Discussion Thread

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This thread is for all discussion directly related to the Black Friday ad for Big Lots. It is also for the discussion of Big Lots store policies, store hours, and any other store-related topics. Links to the Black Friday ad for Big Lots will be added to this thread when it has been released.
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From What I Can Remember Last Year......when We Went In I Cant Remember Anything Good Off The Top Of My Head, Not To Say You Wont Find Anything ...best Thing To Do Is Just Look At The Papers Before Hand And Go From There ....wishing You Very Good Luck!!!! Sorry I Couldnt Be Any Help!!
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What kind of stuff does BL have for doorbusters/blitzes on BF? I've been during a regular sale, to get specific items, and I buy some Xmas decorations and things there, but never been on BF.

Big Lots usually has some of last years popular toys. They usually have grandfather clocks or a curio cabinet and sometimes they have recliners at a good price. Electronics you want to be wary of though they are always rebuilt or as they call it remanufactured and are not always they best!

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Last year I remember getting a particular game for my sis that was a really good price...can't remember the name of the game now though. The only thing I don't like is that they don't always seem to have the stuff that is in the ads or there are very limited quanities available


Your right there are very limited quanities, sometimes youe were lucky if you got a quater of a pallet of any one thing. Big items like furniture you are lucky if there are ten of those items.

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i use to work there as a manager for over 5 years and we always had the ad by now. i have called a few of my old co-workers but they haven't seen one. the managers i worked with are no longer there so this is just hourly associate that are there. if i get it i will pass it .
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The one I always go has had $20 Fossil watches. They were new in the cute little tins. They usually run $70-100+ at The Buckle. Styles do vary though and they usually only have 5-10. Good thing is that they didn't advertise it around here the last couple of years so while everyone else busted the door down for $1.99 Barbies we got to the watches.
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Found this on another board (Thanks cron:D ):

Thanksving Day Sale (7AM to 6PM)


Spend $50 or more on Thanksgiving Day from 7AM to 11AM & receive a $10 coupon for your next purchase.. See store for details....


Interactive Elmo (NOT TMX) $15.00


Biddeford Blankets

Automatic warming blankets

10 heat settings

$20.00 Twin

$30.00 Full

$40.00 Queen

$50.00 King


Microfiber Oversized Recliner



Micro Plush fleece Throw


super soft

assorted colors



Neon Guitar wall clocks

29" high

precision quartz clock



Nostalgic Stereo 3 speed Turntable w/ programmable cd player& am/fm radio.

rotary control for tuning volume & function.

includes adapter for 45's

15" x 9" x 13.5"



Sylvania 15" Lcd tv with dvd/cd player & 2 channel speakers

plays dvd,cd,wma & mp3

181 channel pll tuning

MTS/SAP stereo tuner

MP3/iPod input




Samsung wrist blood pressure monitor

automatic inflation

90 memory storage

clinically proven accuracy



Day or Night Holiday lights

3-D 4pc. Holographic Presents

22"high, 200 colored bulbs


2-D Train with Motion Wheels

48" long, 160 super bright lights,colorful PVC shell

$20.00 each


Stanley 150pc Fast Change Drill & Drive System

fits all 3/8" & 1/2" drive drills



1.5 QT. Slow Cooker

high or low heat setting

removable crock



Jewerly Armoire

35" high

compartments for rings & earrings

removable drawers

oak or cherry finish

styles very by store


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I was at my local big lots yesterday, after seeing the ad, and lots and lots of stuff for Thanksgiving Day sale is out at those prices. Wont stop me from going on Thanksgiving Day, but thought I would let you all know!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday
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