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RITE AID Black Friday discussion thread


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Official Rite Aid Black Friday Discussion Thread

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Click here to go to the web site for Rite Aid.
Click here to find the Rite Aid nearest you.

This thread is for all discussion directly related to the Black Friday ad for Rite Aid. It is also for the discussion of Rite Aid store policies, store hours, and any other store-related topics. Links to the Black Friday ad for Rite Aid will be added to this thread when it has been released.
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Some of the items in the RA BF ad., written in an e-mail to me, so I do not have all of the sizes, sorry. It should not be hard to figure out. Pretty weak ad., though I may have more, later:


Free-after-rebate GE universal remote


Scope mouthwash 500ml. 99 cents


Tylenol Go-Tab (size?) 99 cents (use coupons $1)


Prilosec 14ct. $9.99


Ramen noodles 12/$1


Royal gelatin 5/$1


Martinelli cider $1.50


Dixie dinnerware, Ziploc bags $1.88


Kodak Funsaver camera $3.99


Scott towels 89¢


Russell Stover chocolates half-off


Hershey candy 4/$1


HotWheels 5-pack 3/$10

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Adding a few:


Memorex dvd player $34 minus SCR $10 minus bonus SCR $10 = $14


Oral-B Indicator toothbrush 99 cents


Rite Aid brand toothbrushes 5/$1


Ramen noodles - price change? 12 for 96 cents (8 cents each)


2000 minutes phone card $39.99


Please credit this site when reposting this.

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