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Deal on a Drumset


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Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Great site. Just wanted to pass this along. We were in our local Walmart last night and the drum set my husband has been eyeing for sometime was there. We were under the impression it was for the display. He talked to someone who had to check with the Vision Center (because they handle the sales of the instruments, weird I know LOL). But it was a deal that was not just for the display. It was $169 normally $258 dollars. It's an awesome deal for anyone interested. It's a full sized drum set, just not a major brand name.
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These are always sold in the eyecare place in most walmart stores. They also have Bass and electric guitars. You can also put these items in layaway I beleive. They are great starter instruments. My oldest daughter plays bass guitar and it was A good one when she was first learning. :groovin::2wiggle:
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