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Amazon Toy Clearance Thread: 2024 Edition

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Amazon Toy Clearance Deal Posting Thread


As we pass the end of the holiday season, it's time for GottaDEAL members to start shopping for great toy clearance deals on Amazon!

1) Please only post toy deals that qualify for free Super Saver Shipping or Amazon Prime shipping.

2) Deals that are part of their Lightning Deals are not clearance deals. Those belong in their own thread.

3) You are able to post more than 1 toy in each post, you can separate the deals if you'd like in your post

4) When posting a toy deal find, please remember to post the following: The toy name, the price (including the original price along with the sale price is preferred) and most importantly, a link to the toy on Amazon.

So let's get to posting Amazon toy finds! If you have questions on how to post the deals, please feel free to send me a PM or post your question over in the Discuss GottaDEAL sub-forum.

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