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Wireless Doorbell $7.5 Free Shipping


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link: http://contents.fifthunit.com/html/products.5th/sku.846.html





Wireless Door Bell

$7.50/ pieces & up FREE SHIPPING


Compact receiver and ringer signal

Waterproof design

Strong anti-interference system

Designed by: JxD


Product description & measurements


Two models:

- White Version (view)

- Blue Version (view)



- Unique led illumination

- Pleasant and soft sound pleasing to the ear

- Button of sender waterproof

- Without the hassle of running any wires

- Extra long distance remote control

- While cleaning, doing the laundry, or gardening you will never miss another visitor or delivery

- It can overcome any obstacles during the course of transmission and receiving

- Superb anti-interference performance

- Strong anti-interference system avoids false ringing

- DC digital remote controlled doorbell

- Ultra-high frequency wireless remote control system avoid the line laying trouble and expenditure

- Ideal for :

Dwelling house/Tier building

Multiple apartments/Office buildings


Receptions halls/Bedrooms/Garage

Freight doors/Will-call counters

Security doors

Used in the home by the elderly or bed ridden to call for help



- DC digital doorbell with flash light (Blue Version Only)

- Digital wireless remote controlled doorbell series

- Power: 2 x "AAA" battery (Blue Version) (Not included);

2 x "AA" battery (White Version) (Not included);

1 x 12V alkaline type "A23 or 23A" battery (included) for the transmitters (Both Version)

- low power consumption, the transmitter's battery can be used more than one year

- Three different sounds selector switch including the "16 pieces of music Double clink sounds", "Alice" and the "Westminster" (Blue Version)

- Two different sounds selector switch including the "Ding Dong (double)" and (Golden Melody) (White Version)

- Waterproof design for the remote button

- Easy to install

- Distance: 150m (Blue Version)

50m (White Version)


Package includes:

1 x Wireless Door Chime Transmitter

1 x Wireless Receiver

1 x 12V Battery


Length: 3.35 "

Height: 0.98 "

Width: 2.56 "

Weight: 3.64 oz


Length: 8.5 cm

Height: 2.5 cm

Width: 6.5 cm

Weight: 103.2 gram





Both models are great for easy wireless door bell setup. Just insert the batteries, place the ringer besides your door and the receiver inside your house to use. What's the difference between both models? The blue version has better built and looks better

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