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Free Anti-Witnessing Stickers

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NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT request stickers be shipped to PIMI's you know or to Kingdom Halls, our resources are very limited and doing so is is a waste of both our funds and time.
We're not charging for these stickers, but they do cost money to produce and ship.
If you are able, and want to help fund the production and distribution of these stickers, we have a GoFundMe and a Cash App account setup to collect donations. If everyone who is able made a small donation it would allow us to keep this work going indefinitely. 
We are able to ship to any country that can legally receive USPS mail. We have a number of languages available, which can be selected from at the end of this form.
We've made every effort to ensure that this process is as safe and secure as possible. All stickers will be sent in regular letter size security envelopes using standard USPS stamps. Tracking information will not be provided. 
If you are concerned about your letter being opened by anyone but you, select one of the first two options below and your letter will be addressed from "SIYAA Holdings, LLC" and include a special alibi cover letter. 
If you select the third option, your letter will be addressed to your name, and say "#standifyouareable" on the mailing label.
Your shipment will include an assortment of 20 anti-witnessing stickers.


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