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Free Lead With Love pin - Maine

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The far reaching and devastating impact of the opioid epidemic has been felt in nearly every corner of the state. Mainers from all walks of life have either experienced this first-hand or know a friend or family member who has. We feel a hole in our heart as our neighbors and friends suffer.
We want to show our elected officials that Mainers are ready to lead with love when it comes to addressing the drug epidemic in this state. That’s why we’re distributing free lapel pins to symbolize this important movement to embrace compassion over criminalization and to support policies that save lives.
We hope that as more Mainers wear this symbol and spark conversations about this important issue, the more likely we are to move our leaders to take meaningful action and help de-stigmatize drug use and addiction so more Mainers can come out of the shadows and seek help.
If you want to show that you have in some way been impacted by this crisis and support a compassion-first approach to addressing it, you can request a lapel pin using the form below:


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