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PowerXL Dual-Basket Vortex Air Fryer Pro 7-in-1, 9-Qt. $69.00 (Was $149.00) +FS @ Walmart.com


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Walmart.com offers their
PowerXL Dual-Basket Vortex Air Fryer Pro 7-in-1, 9 qt. – 2-Basket Air Fryer or 1 XL Family-Size Basket Capacity, SmartSync Technology, 2 Nonstick Crisper Plates, Black
Now $69.00

was $149.00
Free Shipping



With the PowerXL’s Dual-Basket Vortex Air Fryer Pro in XL 9-qt. capacity, preparing full, ready-to-serve family meals is faster and more convenient without multiple back-to-back cooking cycles. Smart Sync Technology lets you cook two foods two ways that finish at the same time or one extra-large meal in the 9-qt total capacity basket. It even alerts you when to add food. Two 4.5-quart baskets fit mains and side dishes separately or combine into one XL 9-quart basket to fit a 6.5-lb. chicken, up to 5 lb. fries, or 9 lb. wings. Vortex Rapid Air Technology combines extra-high temperatures and super convection speed for crispier golden-fried results and ensures precise, even air frying. A full menu of 8 one-touch cooking presets customizes the ideal temperature and air flow speed for the most efficient baking, roasting, broiling, dehydrating, and even air-boiling eggs all in one countertop machine. For your own recipes, the LED touchscreen allows you to set the time and temperature in seconds.

  • Quick and easy family-size meals without multiple cooking cycles of traditional single-basket air fryers
  • Smart Sync Technology cooks two different foods two ways that finish at the same time
  • Two 4.5-qt. baskets or one XL family-size basket with 9-qt. total capacity
  • Vortex Rapid Air circulation generates high-speed air flow at hotter temperatures for an extra-crispy finish
  • Two-basket configuration turns into one XL basket with removable divider
  • Saves time by eliminating back-to-back batch cooking
  • XL 9-qt. total capacity lets you create complete family meals with a main dish and sides at the same time in two baskets, or make up to 9 lb. of chicken wings in one family-size basket
  • 8 one-touch cooking presets on digital LED display let you customize your cooking function in one press of a button
  • 7-in-1 functionality: air fry, dehydrate, roast, broil, bake, air boil, reheat
  • XL 9-qt. capacity fits up to 5 lb. French fries or 9 lb. chicken wings
  • Faster, easier cleaning with removable nonstick crisper plates that clean up easily in the dishwasher


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