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I'm still trying to add as many paper Black Friday ads as possible to add to my archive.

Got the newspaper yesterday and aside from a few (Macy's, Meijer, Dollar General) there weren't many included despite many sales starting yesterday.


They may not even exist this year, but if anyone has paper copies of the bigger stores' ads (the usual suspects - Target, Kohl's, etc.) send me a PM. Or if you see any in stores, grab me a copy and let me know.


Hopefully more show up in Thursday's newspaper but we'll see I guess. Paper BF ads are an endangered species.

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I got Bass Pro/Cabela's in the mail today (well, I don't check the mail every day so it could have been there a few days ago). I'm going to try to find a paper Thursday morning, so hopefully there will be some ads in there even though most of the sales have started. 

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Being the optimist I am, I got up early and went to buy a paper. Here are the ads I received:

*Dollar General




*The Home Depot

*Bed Bath & Beyond



*H&H Shooting

*Macy's Ace Hardware


*Shoe Carnival

*Bass Pro/Cabela's

*At Home


I'll be honest, I was kind of hoping Walmart kept a great big secret and would sneak one in there :).

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