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32 Free Crayons at Select Crayola Stores on March 31


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32 Free Crayons at Select Crayola Stores on March 31
We're Giving Away One Million Crayons!
Help us celebrate National Crayon Day 2022!
Imagine a box of 32 crayons with only your favorite colors – FOR FREE! And just like that you can make it happen if you sign up now!  
You'll have colorful fun hand-picking YOUR CHOICE of 32 crayons from our 40 ft. by 8 ft. “Pick Your Pack” wall holding nearly HALF A MILLION CRAYONS in 74 different colors.
Just register and download a voucher for this giveaway. Select a location, date and time to pick up your crayon box and pick out your crayons at one of our Crayola Stores in Easton, Pa.; Orlando, Fla.; Bloomington, Minn. (Mall of America); Plano, Texas; or Chandler, Ariz.


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