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Black Friday Deal Spotlight Part 2 at ShopDisney.com 11/18 - 11/19


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Buzz Lightyear 12" Interactive Talking Action Figure $22.40 after code FUN. Was $32.95


6101047622837?fmt=webp&qlt=70&wid=309&he  6101047622837-6?fmt=webp&qlt=70&wid=304&




Magic in the details:


  • Press blue, red, and green buttons on front to hear 10+ phrases including ''This planet is toxic,'' ''Scanning perimeter,'' and ''Laser at full power''.
  • Press button for wing release and activate flashing laser lights.
  • Press arm laser button for laser light and sound effects.
  • Press button on wings to activate Buzz's arm karate chop.
  • Includes interactive feature so when Buzz detects other Toy Story interactive action figures* nearby it triggers Buzz phrases.**
  • Interacting with other characters unlocks a special phrase from Buzz.**
  • Push button to retract helmet.
  • Wing tips, wing housing and wrist light up.
  • Fully articulated with lots of poseable joints.



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