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Need external sound card/and 2.1 speakers cheap cheap

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Here's a PCMCIA card that's $69.99 after a $20 MIR (+$4.99 S/H):



How about a 5.1 USB Adapter for $19.99 + $4.99 S/H:


It averaged 4 stars based on 46 voters.




And here's a link to their 2.1 Speaker Sets:


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thanks i just picked up the USB sound card.


I'm still iffy about the speakers. I don't really know what to really target with $55shipped . Generally i was looking for a recommendation here. I generally just watch movies on my laptop that is all.


i found logitech's X-230 to be 35$ at zzf.com, are they worth it?

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Do you have to have speakers?


What about using a decent set of headphones?


I have a set of headphones for my gaming needs. But i want to watch movies on my laptop with people as well. Thats why i mainly need headphones.


I really like that X3 stuff. But are the x-230 i picked out decent? I'm currently watch an ebay auction for a very nice and low price as of now.

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Why not go 5.1, since it's for movie watching? Most DVDs can be played in either stereo or 5.1 right now.


Logitech X-530 for $39.99 shipped.


To answer your question, yes, the X-230 are good speakers. They are the entry level 2.1 from Logitech, but are still beyond entry level in the scope of the entire market. You would be happy with them, I'm sure. You can listen to them at Best Buy, I believe.

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i would consider the x-530 as well. reason why i was looking at 2.1's because this is just on a small simple table, not a fancy computer desk. My laptop is on my coffee table along with the printer. So a 2.1 would consume a smaller amount of space. but i would consider 530's as well.


Bestbuy's setup is normally gay. They never have it setup the right way. and if they are working the audio is just weird. Like those bestbuy commericals so i have no reference to how its orginally suppose to sound. I just feel its rather pointless. Plus like you said these are entry level stuff. They normally show only the 5.1 stuff or the bose stuff.

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