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Write a Haiku & Win a Mystery Shirt Prize Pack [Winners Posted]


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Time for another Mystery Shirt Prize Pack contest!


To be entered, reply to this thread with a "Black Friday in 2020" themed haiku.


For those unfamiliar, a haiku is a 3-line poem with the first, second and third lines having 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. It does not have to rhyme, but should create some kind of imagery in the reader's head, so be creative!

An example Black Friday haiku would be:

people skipping lines (5 syllables)
crashing carts into others (7 syllables)
glad i stay at home (5 syllables)


Contest will be open until 11pm ET on Monday, October 5th. I will then randomly choose 5 members who entered and you'll win a Mystery Shirt Prize Pack!

Limit of one prize pack per member but if you win you are still welcome to enter future contests for fun.

For more info on the Mystery Shirt Prize Packs we're giving away this year, see this thread.

Good luck to everyone!



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