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CHEAP Unlocked GSM Phone

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Anyone know where I can get an unlocked GSM cell for cheap? I don't mind used ones, as long as they've been taken care of. It has to have BT, and has to be under $100... preferably under $50.


You folks with HoFo connections can probably hook me up fast. :P

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Did you search for that specific model?

Eventually I did. I first searched for "unlocked GSM phone" and a lot of L6 & L7 SLVRs came up. I found one with reasonable shipping, and I won the auction.


I bought for my upcoming trip to Spain. I figure that if I want I can always sell it when I get back for almost as much as I paid. Either that, or I'll use it with a different SIM chip for when I go to Canada.

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I have no idea how they justify it, it seems they are doing it so if they dont get a high bid they still get a certain amount of money for the phone. And ones that are buy it now with high shipping its because they have the phone price marked at x dollars and the shipping at x dollars so they make the certain amount of money they want for the phone. Its pretty stupid they should just make the phone listed for x dollars and then actual shipping.
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Just out of curriosity...


How does one justify $98 in shipping by USPS ? I see this over and over with cell phones.


How does e-bay determine if shipping is "reasonable?"





Maybe they drive it right over to your home. Gas IS up to $3 now.:D

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