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Gaming computer best deal?


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My 14yr old is wanting to buy a gaming computer, preferably a desk top model and monitor.  He has his eye on the ones from Walmart for 579 for the desktop model and 178 for the curved 27" monitor.  Anyone see any better deals out there?  From what I see on Walmart:


HP Pavilion Desktop 579.00- Model 690-0073W 8GB Memory, 256GB Storage, Graphic card NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti 6GB


Monitor 179.00- 27" curved


He shows boer goats every year with 4H at our fair and would like to spend a little on what he has saved up over the years to get a gaming pc, but I don't want him spending a lot of money on it in case its something he ends up not liking over his xbox one.



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