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LAST YEAR's Secret Santa


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Oi!  I tried to post this last year,  and then the screen hiccup'd and I lost my long post.


I decided to to the post later and the Secret Santa went to archive!




I am going to make good my promise to post and finally get this done!



First of all!  Thank you to every one who sent Reinholt1Mom Christmas cards!  She absolutely loved it.  And even though she did not get one from every state,  she still had a lot of fun with them.  (My 88 year old mother is always looking for different state license plates when we are out driving so this is a *thing" for her.  She kept the cards up for a long time and when she took them down, she put them in a small box and took them out periodically to look at them this year.  Here are a few of the cards she received.








A very special Thank you to Jenn_A for mom's secret Santa gifts.  Mom had opened several of them before I got to her with the camera.  And she began eating several of her goodies right away!  She however did not open the coffee cakes until I got there and when she discovered them, she went banana's  (She just loves those things.)  I am not kidding...she ate the whole box in one day!  Hands down her favorite!  (And she is this skinny 150 pound lady too.  I don't know how she can eat so much junk food and never gain weight!)  Mom also received a necklace, which she has been wearing off and on all year.   She wore it as recently as yesterday when I took her to hear an ensemble from the Michigan Opera Theater.  (A wonderful community performance.)  She commented again on how much she just loves the necklace and how sparkly it is.







And finally,  another very special thank you to HillBillysWIfe for her wonderful secret santa gifts to me.  She sent me a wonderful self pampering, night at home with a movie box.  So much fun!  Complete with movie, popcorn, candy, throw blanket and footies!  The only thing she forgot was a boyfriend to cuddle up with!  (Oh well.  Cuddling boyfriend are a bit costly......... ;D)  No matter.   I cuddled with one of the cats, who loved the throw blanket.  (Heck, they love any blanket.)  And mom saw the footies and stole them.  (Oh well, you made mom happy HillBillysWife! ;D  )  Fortunately  I got to the Reese's before Mom saw them. 






OK!  I am finally caught up with my last year's posts!   I am ready for this year's Secret Santa!  Hey BoPeep!  Are you possibly considering coordinating it again?!?!  ::looking hopefully at BoPeep::

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Grrr.  I can't see my own pictures!   I used photobucket too.


Can anyone else see the pictures??  Or are you just links to the photos??



........Never mind.  Tried it a different way and got the photos to show up now.

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