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Introducing GottaDEAL Black Friday Survival Kits with Bonus Prizes!


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This year we are giving away GottaDEAL Black Friday Survival Kits through our contests here on the forum and on social media. Yes, that means that we're taking a year off from selling and giving away t-shirts (well not completely, keep reading...).

These Black Friday survival kits will each contain at least 5 items inside of a custom reusable GD zippered pouch. Most of the items inside these kits are brand new and have never been given away before including GD Popsockets (2 different designs), koozie can/bottle coolers, cell phone wallets and more.

There's also a fun mystery element to these prize packs! 1 in every 4 survival kits will contain a bonus prize. What are these bonus prizes? Most will be gift cards. We've inserted $5, $10, $15, $25 and $100 gift cards from popular retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy into these packs.
And we couldn't completely skip t-shirts, so several lucky winners will also get a voucher in their survival kit which can be redeemed for an ultra rare 2019 Black Friday t-shirt. These are extremely limited and to keep the mystery alive I won't reveal the design so the lucky winners can be surprised. A hint though: this shirt is in a color we've never used before.

I know some of you will be disappointed that we're not doing shirts this year, at least not on a widescale basis, but I can pretty much guarantee that they'll be back for 2020 as I have already come up with a pretty clever idea for a design.

Look for the first survival kit contest thread shortly...

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