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Changes to the Black Friday forums this year


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Hey everyone, and welcome to the unofficial start of the 2019 Black Friday season here on the site. We're still likely more than a month away from the first ads leaking but as always we're getting a head start on opening up the forums and we encourage you to start posting right away (posts you make now will count towards the soon-to-be-announced annual Black Friday forum contest).


We're going try something new with how the forums are organized this year, and that is, well... less organization. The main change you'll notice is that we're not going to create the individual store sub-forums this year. They just weren't getting enough threads in them to necessitate dedicated sub-forums. So any topic about a specific store can just be posted in this main BF forum this year. We'll still have dedicated threads for each store's posted ad in the "Posted Black Friday Ads" forum.


We're also not going to create the "official" product threads this year for things like TVs, video games, laptops, etc. Some of those threads got so big and had multiple "mini threads" of conversation going on at once so it might be better to just create individual threads about different topics relating to those products. It should also help if you need questions answered or recommendations about certain products because more people will see your exact request/topic when it is it's own thread with a descriptive title and isn't buried in a master thread that many people don't bother checking that often.


As I said this is a trial and we'll see how it goes. If nobody likes it we can always go back to how things were for 2020 but this should give you fewer individual sub-forums to check each time you visit the forum and should hopefully spark more discussion overall on the board by giving you more freedom as to what can be posted in this main BF forum which tends to get the most views each day.


As always we welcome your comments and suggestions about these changes and anything else. Feel free to reply or PM me directly :)

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I’m so used to the organization of it all that I never really thought of having to click on my bookmark and be apart of everything from the one page, instead of clicking else where once I’m in here and having to turn of notifications to make sure I don’t miss something in a sub forum lol...I’m down for some disorganization
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