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Anyone know of any discounts on car rentals?



On two recent trips, the best rates I got were from calling Enterprise and not off the website. On one occasion, I got a mid-size for $12 a day, and on the other I got a full size (brand new Impala, only 16 miles on it) for $16. Made the reservations only about 2-3 days before I needed them.

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For Alamo use coupon code AD35 for $100 off any rental. Use at your own risk as I have never used it, and I'm not sure what its for. There is also an AD94 that is a Costco $25 of a weekly rental. My mother used that. Rate code BY and cor id #428448 is upto 30% off depending how far in advance you book.


I booked my mother an SUV for 7 days in Florida for $96 including the tax on Alamo. It was only $66 before tax. If anyone can beat that I'd like to hear it.

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Go to Costco.com and click on travel then click on rental cars in the box on the left of the page. I don't know how long you want a car for but I was just there looking for a deal for a week and I found a deal at budget for $113 for a week for the 2nd size car there was to choose from. No matter how many days you need it you should be able to find a good price and don't need costco membership either but you save more, (my price didn't include membership.)
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