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Haribo Gummi candies up to 43% off


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Ok actually, there is a book that I want to order from Amazon.com anyway, so I'll just get one bag. I need a vote: LARGE COLA BOTTLES OR SMALL COLA BOTTLES (I've never even SEEN the large before!)

The cola gummies are so addicting as well.
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yes it said free shipping if 25$ thats why i was gonna order 2 bags too..not that i want all this candy sitting here when i cant move around that much. but ill try freezing them... are they hard when you freeze them?
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I just ordered the gummi cherries and strawberries but my estimated ship date is 2 months away!!!


July 7, 2006

I just ordered the raspberries and peach rings and my shipping date was between july 19 -21. I cancelled the order when I found that out because I need them for the month of july :(

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