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Are there any hidden airfair deals?

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I am in Phoenix going to ASU and my friends want to come out, but they can't afford the airfare (too late to do the 21 day in advance deal). They will be coming from SoCal.


I assume Southwest is our best option, but who knows. Does anyone know if there are secret deals that the average person isn't aware of?

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This may be a little late. Yesterday i flew home on US Air. They are offering a Visa card. When approved you ger 25,000 flier miles. You get two RT tickets a year for $99.00 You free upgrade to first class. There is probably more and I am not sure how good this is. Someone may be interested, and can check it out more.
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This maybe too late...

Download Southwest's DING. They are offering flights (little special deals ONLY to DING users, delivered a couple times a day) anytime May 1-May 31. I just bought my sister-in-laws ticket from Tampa to Chicago for $47 each way, $113 total!!!!! And her flight is the 7th, so I did it with only 2 weeks advance purchase. It doesnt matter how short notice. As long as you do it on the days they offer. So, when I did my sisters, it had said Mon-Sun.. But the one I got this morning said Mon, Wed, Sat only... So it just depends.


Also, DING is only helpful if you keep your comp online all day and if you can check it regularly. I stay home, so I hear the ding that chimes off when I get an offer, and I go check it right then.


Good luck!!!

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