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Good deals for college heading kid?


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I have a son heading off to college next fall and thought I would maybe pick up some stuff this BF for him.  He will most likely be in an apartment with a roommate or two.   What are some great deals you've seen that he might need??    Only thing coming to mind is the rubbermaid food storage set walmart always has on sale.  

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Got to start with a list.  There are some things he will just need like supertwin bedding and toiletries, some kind of computer and clothes.  Then there are the things he will want like a television, an iPad, a printer, and a netflix streamer.


I like the TCL Roku TVs because they are made for a dorm and include the streaming functions...



plus you do not have a lot of wires and devices to manage.


For a printer, I have to say I love the Canon all-in-ones.  Great text, pictures, double sided scans and prints, automatic document handler, and cheap third party ink.  This is the one I use...



If your student is not particularly technical, the Epson Workforce printers might not need ink replaced over four years...


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