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mp3 player with FM

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Hey I have an ipod shuffle but I want an FM tuner so I can watch TV at the gym. I was thinking about a cheapo digital radio, but now I"m thinking the Sansa M130/230 might be better. ANy ideas? Is there a better deal or MP3 player? I read the M230 will be on sale at staples next week. Is the 130 better due to the expandable SD slot?


I missed some good deals last month at OD on the M230. Does anyone know how often they rerun their deals?


Note I primarily want the radio function. I have a $40 gift cert to OD and a 10/40 and $10 gift card to staples, and $40 to Dicks Sports, so I'd like to use those first.

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We bought two Sandisk Sansa M230's for $39.99 each during BF 2005. As an MP3 player it's great but the FM radio was terrible and could not get a clear signal. We tried our home (both floors), my work and my wifes work. So we ended up returning both of them.




oh that's bad news! I'm hoping that in the gym, where it's coming from the TV that's tuned to a certain frequency, that won't be a problem. Another reason to buy local!


What other solutions do you recommend?

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right now my mobi blu isn't working. i have to reprogram it maybe... i don't know but they come with fm receiver i think am is n there as well

You will probably never see AM in a portable device...the antenna would be way too large..FM just uses the cord to the earphones as the antenna.


None of my Rio's ever got good FM reception.


A friend owns the 512 mb Sansa ( I don't know the model #) but he claims the FM works great...even indoors.

Buy local :)

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I'd recommend it as well. I have a MuVo TX FM that I use in the gym and it works excellently. Work well enough for FM stations, too, if I'm on a main or upper level of a building. Nothing at all in any basement.





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