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Contest: Discuss Black Friday @ Win $100 Gift Cards [Winners Posted!]


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We're giving several of you on the forum $100 gift cards for doing what you all love to do anyway - talk about Black Friday!

Here's how it works:

Through November 28th (at 11:59:59pm EST), every time you post in one of the Black Friday forums (such as this main Black Friday Discussion subforum, any of the store-specific subforums, Posted Black Friday Ads or Online Black Friday subforums) you'll earn one entry into the contest.

We're not going to require your posts to be a certain length to qualify or anything like that - we just want a lot of great discussion. We know there are times when a one-word reply is fine. All posts in all threads in these forums will count, including other contest threads.

Be aware that it's pretty obvious if someone is attempting to "game the system" by posting repeatedly to get more entries. If that happens, we will give you ONE warning via PM. If we see the behavior continuing, you will be disqualified from winning a gift card. I don't expect this to be an issue (it wasn't during the last few years), but I wanted to make it clear that myself and the mods will be watching for any abuse. Any member who is banned is obviously no longer eligible to win the contest either.

This includes posting multiple times in a row in a single thread when one post would be enough, replying to many threads with nothing but "thanks!", etc... as I said, it'll be obvious if anyone does this, so don't do it. There is plenty to discuss without having to cheat your way to more entries.

So create interesting threads, reply to other members' questions, give your opinions on everything that is being discussed. This is a discussion board - let's have some interesting discussion here!

On Tuesday, November 29th I will randomly select 5 winners from all eligible entries and each of you will receive a $100 gift card to the retailer of your choice!

And as a benefit to those who were here early this year, all the posts in the forums up until now will also count towards this contest.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to answer them.

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Gotta love those gift cards! They are also a great way to have a backup in case the financial institutions fails us early in the morning. Remember those times?

All too well...friendly reminder: call credit card/bank before BF to avoid stops being placed on card and ridiculoua security questions

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I totally have had this happen to me..... I never knew there was a limit until. Totally blew my Black Friday.. Lol



Yep, if you know ahead of time I do believe there is a way to get that limit lifted. Like for people that go on vacation and stuff. I use a combo of cash and bank card, sometimes I'll use a store card for the incentive that's going on right then. Last year I applied for old navy card A) cause the line had 0 people in it and I could use that line if I applied and also I think it was 0 interest until a certain date or something. I used it for my purchase and paid it off the next day LOL I use it every so often now.

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