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Black Friday t-shirt design ideas?


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A little behind on working on the t-shirt design for this year, so I'm trying to get some ideas from you guys.


Let me know any ideas for the shirts (color, design, etc...).

Just keep in mind that we want these shirts to appeal to the most number of people.


I thought about maybe doing an election themed shirt, but considering BF is a few weeks after the election, the timing might not be the best.


So let's hear those ideas!

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so why not do something like that, Thanksgiving vs Black Friday, which day do you prefer?


it would be even cool if on the back we could have like a ballot with the choices with boxes, maybe a light color shirt so those of us that want to can check off one of the boxes to cast our vote.

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What about something like a Door after it's been Busted with Gotta Deal, Been Door Busting Deals since. on front, Then on Back fragments of wood, if a wood door, Then GottaDeal your daily Deal Headquarters est. Date. Something with a door on the front and busted on back or fragments. Add maybe some ads or something under the fragments of the door.  Don't have to be real ads, just use paper.


Another option would be to use a cart with purchases on front and just a pallet on the back.  Sorry we took all your doorbusters. GD


Grey Black or Blue seem to be good neutral colors for shirts



Gottadeal the only trusted Phone APP, To get your Doorbusters To Go.  Play on The pokemon Go etc theme idea of GottaDeal Go

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Make Black Friday Great Again...


Stay closed on Thanksgiving!





I love the "Most Interesting Man" theme too.

Perhaps a couple different shirts with different quotes on the front.  And all of them have the same back with BriBri's "I don't always shop on Black Friday. But when I do, I use GottaDeal.com." And Brad's mug on there posing like the guy from Dos Equis.


We could have people submit their best quotes and vote on them even...


 - He once got a deal so good, it busted three doors, eight windows and a move.

 - Doorbusters wait in line to be GottaDealed.

 - He once got a doorbuster in May.




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