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Free Polka Dot Bag and free samples..$3.00 shipped !!


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Garden Botanika is offering a free polka dot bag with six gifts when you use coupon IBF6AA, and free shipping may show automatically in your cart. If needed, you can apply coupon SRV206 for free shipping. The six free gifts are a mystery, along with other details about the bag, but surprises are fun.


These trial sizes of luminizer, foundation, primer, or lipstick are just $3.00, so you can purchase them to get the free bag with gifts. You can also select two free samples at checkout. So, you'll get a trial-sized makeup item, a polka dot bag, six free gifts, and two free samples for just $3.00 shipped.

I had to enter the SRV206 code...but it worked and got it all for 3 bucks.


Borrowed from FW

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I am on the site now and put a $.20 sample in my cart and chose 2 of the samples for free and entered IBF6AA - but it is showing 3 of the samples at $.20 each (charging me for the 2 free ones) and is NOT showing the bag on the receipt - is this what anyone elses did?

Same here.
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I ordered the $3 foundation primer, got the two free samples (it says $.20 when you select them, but once it's in your basket it shows it's free), then I entered the polka dot bag code right before my credit card information. The final confirmation screen showed the bag and gifts on there. Free shipping was already included (had to select it), so I didn't need to use that code.
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Shipping Method:

Standard Shipping Fees: $0.00



--------------- ----------------------- ---- --------- ------- --------


606700 Pomegranate Wine Hand T 1 $0.20 $0.20

609670 Polka Dot Bag with 6 gi 1 FREE! FREE!




Subtotal = $0.20

Gift Wrap Total = $0.00

Shipping Total = $0.00

Tax Total = $0.02

Order Total = $0.22


That's part of the email I recieved, hopefully I'll get mine, I'll let everyone know if and when I do

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Here is the response I get from the email I sent them:


In reviewing your order it appears that you have used two promotional codes for which you are not eligible. The free shipping promotion code you used was sent out to a select group of current Garden Botanika customers who completed a survey that was sent to them. Only survey respondents were eligible to use this code. The free polka dot bag code is a promotion currently being offered only to returning customers who have placed an order with us. You may have obtained this from a 3rd party website and not from us directly.


Your current order will be canceled. You are welcome to place an order but you will be charged applicable shipping charges and you will not be eligible to receive the polka dot bag on this order.

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