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GottaDeal.com Merch Mystery Boxes [Update: Sold Out!]


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 Update: Mystery boxes are now SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who picked one (or more) up :)



Hey everyone :)
I'd like to clear out the GD merch warehouse (my basement) before I order brand new stuff to give away this year. I have a lot of shirts from previous years that I'd like to get rid of. There are also some sample merch items such as hoodies that have never been seen before.
So I decided to offer these Merch Mystery Boxes while supplies last.
Basically what will happen is I will fill up a USPS Priority Mail large flat rate box (which is a pretty big 12" x 12" x 6") with all kinds of GD merch. It costs the same to mail these regardless of how much they weigh, so I will jam as much stuff into the box as I can.
What kind of merch might you receive?
- short sleeve t-shirts
- long sleeve t-shirts
- hoodies
- snuggies
- reusable grocery bags
- mouse pads
- drawstring backpacks
- pens
- notepads
- magnetic chip clips
- coin purses
- stress balls
- USB car chargers
- credit card wallets
Most boxes will contain 2 or 3 t-shirts unless they have a hoodie or snuggie as those larger items will take up most of the space.
Right now I have at least one shirt in all sizes from small to 6XL but most of the shirts are in sizes L, XL and 2XL.
When you order your box, you can request certain sizes but as some sizes are very limited, I can't guarantee all requests will be fulfilled, but I'll do my best.
Each box costs $20 which includes shipping. That is about what it will cost to mail these out (I think it's $18.75) and cover PayPal fees. You can buy as many as you want.
To sweeten the deal, I will be randomly be inserting gift cards from various stores and restaurants into several of these boxes as well, so you might get a surprise.
So if you'd like one or more boxes, send me a PM here on the forum. In your PM, please be sure to include:
1. your full name/mailing address
2. any shirt size requests
3. any other requests for specific items
As I mentioned before, requests aren't guaranteed, but I'll do my best.
This is a presale just for forum members. In a few weeks if there are enough left I'll post these for sale on the main site and on our Facebook/Twitter accounts. Right now you must have a PayPal account to purchase these, but if you don't, you can wait for the main sale in a few weeks and you'll be able to use a credit card.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post here.


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Update: Mystery boxes are now SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who picked one (or more) up :)


The majority of boxes shipped yesterday and the rest will be shipped today so you should have them in the next few days.

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THANK YOU! I was surprised to find mine on the doorstep as I stopped in after a morning at the hospital to feed dogs before rushing to work. I opened as soon as I got home and brightened up what I didn't expect to be a good night. I think I'm going to let my mom have the shirt and my dad the hoodie. The stress relievers will come in handy at work, nothing like providing toys to goofballs to brighten my shift.
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