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Why shouldn't I buy this $400 computer from Tigerdirect?

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My old bucket of bolts is an AMD450 / 20GB HD / W98. It needs replaced badly. I already have a monitor, a printer and speakers.


It only has integrated video but I can always buy a video card later. I'm not looking for gaming anyway. I'll be downloading a lot of music and movies and burning them. How fast will 160GB fill up? The Dual-Layer DVD±RW drive should be able to hande burning movies and music, right?


Yea, the Sempron is older technology but why pay extra $$ for a 64 bit processor I don't need. The beefiest apps I'd be running would be Paint Shop Pro and Adobe stuff like Acrobat and Illustrator. Other than that it's surfin the web and wasting my time on stupid forums. :D


Is there a better computer deal out there for $400?

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You could try looking for an EMachine. We've had 2 of them and no problems. They are pretty well equipped and my 5 yr old can run it. You can look at Best Buy and get one reasonably priced, and they have nice rebates on them most of the time.... Just a thought...:)
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Other than it being TD which many people have had problems with (I have not), I don't see much. There is one thing I'd look into 1st though. Intel has released the 805D chip. A dual core chip that Mwave is selling for $134.50 + shipping. It's a LGA775 chip so you could upgrade down the line - I didn't see where it said what the socket for the TD deal was (but didn't look to hard either).
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