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How many gottadeal shirts do you own?


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My very first gottadeal shirt finally bit the big one last year.


I searched out old pics of shirts but they are all gone :(


I have a navy blue (that says why pay retail under gottadeal). I have a gray one that has the "if you can read this I probably got your doorbuster" on it. Pink (yay for the year we finally got pink!!) one. And I've already bought a black hoodie, gray LS top and a blue tshirt (heck I think LOL) this year. So I'll be up to 6 gottadeal shirts once I get all those in.


How many tops do you guys have? Are they all from different years?



ETA: And I only won 1 top. Madison was probably 4 maybe? I went to Walmart and got a pic of a tree with a gottadeal$ sign, something else with the sign, and a Walmart worker holding the sign. I was first to come back and post all 3 pics and won. lol



Edit again. I found it. 2008. I ran to Walmart with a $ ornament I made that had gottadeal.com written on it. And I got an employee to hold a sign that said I love gottadeal.com   just in case the other one had already been completed! haha

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