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Ideas for a very picky 16 year old girl


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So every year I have a hard time buying for my daughter.she is the hardest to shop for.This year in particular will be tough on a tighter budget.


I am thinking of redeeming my speedy rewards points to give her gift cards.


Looking for any and all ideas

Thanks in advance

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My daughter is 17 and a senior in high school.  She's incredibly picky too.  Last year at 16 I started getting her things that she will take to college.  A Keurig, a big ones blanket from Kohls and lots of gift cards.


This year I'm doing the same.  The college she has chosen has a starbucks every 2 feet and we don't have one close to our town, so she will be getting a starbucks travel tumbler and gift cards.  A couple of pair of VS pajamas that are typically on sale on black friday and some slippers for cold dorm room floors.

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My daughter is 15 1/2..     Here is what I am getting and/or bought already if it helps:       Starbucks Giftcard and new travel tumbler, Victorias Secret clothing,   Michael Kors watch,  Bombshell Perfume by Victorias Secret,  Iphone 6  phone cases  (Found Michael Kors cases on their site for $20 down from $68!),  Makeup (she has a list for me ),  Makeup brushes,  New makeup mirror,  Nike joggers,  New pillows for her bed (she wants fur pillows to match her black faux fur comforter we found last christmas on amazon),  and any giftcards to the mall  (on her list). 


She also wants a new purse, however, the Michael Kors watch she wants is $298 so I told her one or the other.    Macy's employee told me about a friends and family event being held in November that makes the watches 25% off. Hoping to score the one she wants then.          


if your daughter drives, gas cards are good or pay a insurance payment/car payment.   Thats what my husband and I do for our son who is 20.  

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It can be tough buying for teens! I love the gift card idea, it really a "one size fits most" kind of gift.


How about a scrapbook kit that includes everything to complete an album. You can purchase these with a coupon from a craft store such as Michael's; plus they come in different sizes so you could choose a big 12x12 album or something smaller, such as a 6x6 size. They also have photo frame kits; and you can buy extra themed stickers to add to the kits.


Does she like candles or incense? There are so many scents available now, and different type of candles out there. Wal-mart had a set last year around Black Friday that included the warmer and several packages of the candle cubes to start with. 


If she doesn't like to burn candles or the scents, there are LED flameless candle sets. Some of them even change colors.


A giant-sized version of her favorite candy bar/snack. I usually see the giant Reese cups (for example) during the holidays.


I know it is tough buying Christmas on a budget because you want to make sure you buy what your child would like the most, and try to keep the surprise factor as well. Good luck with your shopping, I have a feeling you are going to do a great job this year.   :holiday12  :holiday07

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I just redeemed my points from Mypoints for a $25 Starbucks giftcard.  (survey sight).   So with the giftcard I bought a starbucks cup w/ extra straws and at Walmart they have starbuck hot cocoa packs for $1.  Put it all together and any 16 yr old would love it. My daughter and her friends live for Starbucks. lol

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Does she like Alex and Ani bracelets? The teen and college girls that I know LOVE the bracelets. The wire bracelets are $28, but you can also find some on Nordstrom Rack's website for $14.97. Alex and Ani's site has some on sale too and shipping is $2.95! The girls I know tend to wear multiple bracelets at a time. 


Alex and Ani site



Dillards sells them. Nordstrom does too and they have free shipping.


Does your daughter like makeup or perfume? If she does, have you checked out the Sephora Favorites sets? They have a cute lip color set for $25 that she may enjoy. Even one with lip colors and coordinating nail polishes! Another fave is their perfume sampler sets. They have one for $25 that includes 6 deluxe sample sprays and a certificate for a full size rollerball of the fragrance she likes the most.


1, Lip color set   



2, Lip and nail color set



3, Perfume set



Right now they have some nice makeup bags filled with deluxe samples that are free with a $25 purchase. 



Does she draw or have a favorite sports team? You can find good deals on art supplies at Michael's with coupons. Faber Castel makes nice pens and colored pencils. Use a 40% off coupon for the pens and use a competitors coupon for a sketch pad!


If she has a favorite sports team, check on Amazon for a blanket. If the team is local to your state, check TJ Maxx, Marshals and Walmart for team items. I found Denver Broncos socks for my SIL at Walmart in Colorado. They have a huge selection of team gear.

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My daughter is now 19 (20 in Jan.) she doesn't like coffee! I am surprised at how many young kids drink coffee! LOL!    


Some things she liked @ that age:

make-up and make-up brushes

DVD's of her fave shows/movies

New bedspread or comforter

earrings (she doesn't wear much jewelry, Lacrosse player)

Nike Sports Bras

Books-any new book series OR Kindle Fires are now like $49 bucks this year! That is an awesome gift, I love mine!!!

Finger nail polish and manicure set (usually real cheap!)

soft PJ's

board games-big hit with her and her brother

Photo albums-we always have loose pictures around that need to be put in albums! 

any type of accessories for their phones!


and my daughter loves school supplies! New pens, paper notebooks, folders, stapler, electric pencil sharpener


Now that she is off at college, some of this stuff has really come in handy! 

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