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Anybody wanna do some research *please*

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OK, heres the deal. On black friday, I bought an MP# player at Sears. Its the MPIO iBulldog (model # IMP90) for 39.99, and it had a 20.00 MIR that printed out. Well, at the time I had no way to make copies, so I didnt. Shame on me. So now, here we are mid-feb. and I havent heard anything. So I called sears. Gave them the addy, said they can see the addy & name, but nothing else. Tells me it must have been a mfr rebate. BUT...I cant find ANY info on MPIO rebates. I found one PDF, not for this product. I tried calling anyways, # not in service. Anyone think they can help me???
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Try this number 1-800-741-1365 I found it with a best buy rebate for the same model but with december buy dates. Seems to be associated with different companies rebates so who knows it might work

thanks! that # gave me a website. The website said it was processed on 2/1/06, and will be mailed 3 days later. Looks like it will be here any day!
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