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Order cancelation

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I placed a very large order from Justice the day before BF. I received an email stating that it had been shipped with a tracking number. Kept checking tracking and nothing. Called Justice and they informed me that the warehouse didn't even package it up. Said they would send replacements. Well guess what? They no longer had 12 of the items so they had to refund me for those. I was furious.


Oh and Target....got an email from them today saying one of my items is being delayed and will ship at a later date. I'm sure it will end up being cancelled.

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The Justice thing would have really ticked me off!! 


I've been fortunate so far.  I received the Lego Tower from Walmart (I actually bought two at separate times) and both have arrived.  I was sure they were going to be cancelled!  A bought a couple Nerf guns yesterday from Target, and I received an email notification that they have already shipped.  Fingers crossed!

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