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Unofficial Black Friday Haiku Thread (no prizes)


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Can't wait for Brad ANY LONGER for this!


A haiku is a poem consisting of three lines.  The first and last line have five syllables and the second line has seven.  The first and third lines are juxtaposed ideas with the middle line serving as a bridge between the two.


Flyers Found Online

Reveal Gifts That Total Nine

Hide Under My Pine


Sledding Through The Snow

To The Tinsel Town I Go

Bargains Wait For Me

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Chaos reigns supreme

In the stores on Black Friday

So I shop online


Ordered from ten sites

Shipping's all over the place

Hope I don't miss one


Ah, Black Friday's here

Stores fight to boost revenue

Wait, they start when now?


Once upon a time

Stores saved their sales for one day

Now it lasts all week.


Carving the turkey

Friends and family are here

Deals will have to wait

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