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3 Boxes of 18-Count Keurig K-Cups Brewer Pack (various flavors) $16 FS @ kohls.com


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3 Boxes of 18-Count Keurig K-Cups Brewer Pack (various flavors) $16
Add 3 boxes of 18-Count Keurig K-Cups Portion Packs (various flavors) to cart
Proceed to checkout
Apply Coupon codes:
PIES30 (For Kohl's Cardholders Only)
VETSDAY10 (For $10 Off)
FREEMVC (For Free Shipping)
Total at checkout should be $16.07 with free shipping



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Yeah, I was having the exact same problem with checking out also. I had to call them to make my orders.

But now I'm having to call them back because there is a MAJOR issue going on with my account. Something very fishy. After having problems trying to place an order this morning, I now have an extra order that was placed for something I did not even order. Not only that, the kohl's charge card that it was charged to is not even my card but I got the confirmation email saying it is being shipped to me and at my address.

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Rogue1230 were you charged for something that you didn't order?


Anybody making purchases with Kohl's today need to keep an eye out on thier account. I have had the worse time trying to get this mess straightened out.


I have 2 other kohl's cards that belong to other people attatched to my account. I received confirmation for an order that somebody else placed with thier card stating it was being shipped to me. Had my address, phone number, name etc on it. Also I placed an order that kohl's charged to someone else's card. I hope my card isn't attatched to someone else's account.


When I go in to my account, it shows that I have 3 kohl's charge cards, with one being mine and the other 2 are someone else's. This is scary to me. I don't think I'll be using my card for Black Friday shopping.

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