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Beats - do you think they'll be offered?


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Don't want to get rid of the noise.  I/we just want to be able to hear some music.  The wired ones are just in the way. 


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Posted Nov 22, 2014 - 10:02 pm

Not sure what can really get rid of the 'pipe' noise. Try to find a pair of noise cancelling ones. I have some Sony ones that help on airplane trips, but not sure how much it will help with that kind of noise, lol.

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Well, sound waves are sound waves, whether they come from the pipes of the Harleys or from the music player.


If you want to hear the music better, your choices are:

 - diminish the sound of the pipes in relation to the music

 - increase the sound of the music in relation to the pipes


But increasing the sound of the music runs the risk of damaging your hearing.


You have several options for diminishing the sound of the pipes:

 - in-ear earbuds that are properly fit can go a long way toward blocking outside noise.  There are some memory foam tips made by Comply that are pretty good.  I like 'em.  And you can buy them to use with most ear buds out there.

 - over the ear closed cup design headphones do their best to physically block the sound waves from reaching your ears.

 - head phones/earbuds with active noise cancelling technology sample the sounds around you and insert the exact opposite sound wave into your music to cancel out the outside noise.

 - get quieter pipes....HAHAHA

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I know that Beats are not the best sound around but how many of you would consider getting a different brand for better sound, even though your child wants Beats?  Is that a deal breakers for teenagers?


HAHA!  This is a very good question. 

 - If I'm buying for myself, I go for quality over name brand every time. 

 - My wife?  Image, definitely. 

 - My 14 yr old probably prefers image. 

 - My 12 yr old is like me and would prefer the better quality. 

 - My 7 yr old is probably all about the image.

 - The 4 yr old?  So long as it has Mickey Mouse, he's happy, so he's probably image as well...

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LOL no, I love the sound of my pipes.  Just had new ones put on last year so they were louder.  Its just on longer rides my music goes in and out and is faint.  I was just thinking Bluetooth earbuds would give me a better constant sound. Its not like I can play around when I'm driving so I want something reliable. 

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