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Answer 3 Questions & Win Black Friday T-Shirts [Winners Posted]


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Time for another contest!


To enter, just reply to this thread with your answers to these 3 questions. Simple as that.


Here are the questions:


1. What store do you think will have the best Black Friday ad this year?

2. Do you anticipate shopping in stores on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, both or neither?

3. What time do you think Walmart will begin their Black Friday sale this year (day and time)?


The contest will run until Wednesday at 8pm ET. We'll choose 10 members at random from those who reply and you'll each win a Black Friday t-shirt.

Good luck to all!


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1. I think answers will vary depending on what people are wanting to buy. We buy a lot of toys and this year will be adding a television for our daughter's room and a couple tablets. I have been comparing past years ads and will say that Walmart will have the best one.


2. I am shopping on Thanksgiving and on the actual Black Friday. I know most stores last year did sales from Thursday-Saturday so if it is like that again than I will go ahead and add Saturday to the list.


3. Thanksgiving 4:00 p.m.

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1. Walmart will once again have the best ad. I say this because of the variety of merchandise and ability to have low prices.

2. Yes, I have a feeling that great items will be available on Thursday, and I will want to,pick them up. Not the way I would love to have it happen,but will participate.

3. Black Friday day sale will start at 12:00a.m. ......Friday morning. Not to be confused with the pre Black Friday, thanksgiving day sale!

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1. Target


2. I'll shop a couple of pharmacies Thanksgivng morning,  I will start shopping stores LATE Thanksgiving, probably after 10 PM.  I will also be shopping Black Friday (after midnight, in the morning, and later in the day (but I have to drive from Fort Worth to Little Rock by nighttime)


3. Thanksgiving at 6:00 PM  (at least I hope they have the minimal dignity to not go any earlier).

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