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Annual most memorable/embarrassing BF moment(s)

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Posted Oct 26, 2014 - 11:52 pm

I have another one, one year at walmart while waiting next to a pallet for the official unveiling...another lady and I started talking to some guys on the other side of the pallet (I think they were video games and accessories) we agreed to hand over the games on our side if they would hand over some from their side so we could all get all of the games. Worked like a charm. When they unwrapped the pallets we started handing items back and forth and moving down the row. Cleared several pallets that way and we were all able to get everything we wanted.

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Nate Dogg

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Posted Oct 27, 2014 - 7:23 pm

We were almost a part of a riot one year. There were a couple of guys that line jumped and then everyone started doing it... Police got called and they were going to empty the parking lot. Luckily I was able to reason with the store manager because he did not want to have to explain to his superiors how he did not have any sales until 2 hours after they opened. He threw the original line jumpers off the property and threatened everyone else they would also be ejected.


That was the only time I actually feared injury.

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Posted Oct 28, 2014 - 6:55 am

Years ago, my kids, my mom and I decided to "Do Walmart" for Black Friday... it was laid out so strangely... They had huge pallets of "doorbusters" scattered throughout the store wrapped in brown paper with employees guarding them until the "official start". I took my then very young son with me to stand in line for a big screen TV and my mom and teenage daughter were planted in front of the pallet filled with DVD players. I had been in the slow moving line for quite some time when my daughter came rushing over screaming that I had to come quick, my mom had been hit with a flying DVD player and was on the floor! I had to leave her with my son in my place in line (didn't want to miss out on my TV!) ;) while I went rushing to the other end of the store to help my mom. By the time I got there she was back on her feet with a nice bruise on her head, mad as can be that she didn't get a DVD player! Seems as though the employees tossed them off the pallet at "go time" and one of them had a pretty good throwing arm! One person that had witnessed what happened came over and handed her one of their DVD players, as they had gotten more than 1... I thought that was really sweet. It was a Black Friday that I will never forget...

Wow! That's horrible! That person should be fired!

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Posted Oct 28, 2014 - 7:06 am

One of the ones I remember was the year of almost getting in a fight (wasn't even over anything to do with me). It was 2 or 3 years ago and we had been out shopping that year it was my wife, her mother her brother and myself. We had been at BestBuy for the initial opening and got all we wanted. My MIL wanted some TomTom GPS's that they were doing as a 9AM 2nd wave sale. So we went to Cracker Barrel (our tradition) before the sale was to start and we ate. Got back to BB well before the 2nd wave was going to start. We are in line with a bunch of other people where the employees asked us to be. It's just my BIL and myself the other two were at another store buying other things. My BIL and I are talking to this really nice lady who is about 8-8.5 months pregnant and was there to try and get one for her husband as a gift. So the time is getting closer maybe a few minutes to go and all the sudden this guy starts trying to bust through the lines of people so he can be the first to get what he wants. He smashes right into this woman and is SUPER a-hole with her, well seeing this and him trying to push her out of the way and almost knocking her down I step in the middle of it with my BIL right next to me. The guy goes to say something to me and I calmly looked at him and said is this GPS really worth hurting someone else and then getting yourself beat down in front of a crowd of people. He looked at me and my BIL (neither one of could ever be consider little people or weak) and wisely decides it's time to leave and quickly. We apologized to the pregnant lady and made sure she was ok. Store employee saw what happened and made sure we all got what we wanted right away. NEVER has been and NEVER will be anything on BF that I want bad enough to hurt another person to get.

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Posted Oct 31, 2014 - 11:35 am

Wow! That's horrible! That person should be fired!

I would have left with a free player, upgraded to a Bluray model for not suing the store!

#36 nikkilugi  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 31, 2014 - 12:18 pm

A couple years ago at Wal-Mart I was waiting by the XBox 360 video games.  There was already a bunch of people crowded around the game box and I was about 3 layers back.  There was a friend up front though and they guided me to what side the games I wanted were on.  At that point a young guy asked which games I wanted and said when the box opened he would get them for me (had been talking to my friend).  He was probably 18?  So the manager comes up and yells at everyone that they better act right when this wrap came off and let him out of the way before they started grabbing.  Then the time came, the wrap came off and boom it was a free for all.  People 3 layers back (where I was) were pushing forward, shoving and throwing bows.  The 18 year old boy went down quick.  I wasn't surprised.  There was another guy right next to him that had heard me tell the boy what I needed and when the boy went down this guy, still fighting and pushing everyone back, grabbed the games I needed.  It was the nicest thing.  

#37 jade2002  OFFLINE  



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Posted Oct 31, 2014 - 1:11 pm

Mine isn't too bad....This was a  couple of years ago. I had my navy blue gottadeal shirt on at Walmart and I had numerous people come up to me asking me where things were located at. They thought I worked there. It was the shirt, lol.


This was a couple of year ago too. This didn't happen to me but I was embarrassed for the girl. She was walking around Walmart checking out the pallets with her butt crack all out there for everyone to see. I mean, this was all out there. She had 2 teenagers(yeah, I know) following behind her recording it with thier phones. I know that must have went on youtube, lol.


Oh, I just wanted to add...I was just about trampled over the cabbage patch kids one year. I got pushed by some lady, she got pushed back but it didn't go any further then that. We both got our cpk's,lol. Also the Monster HIgh dolls about got me killed one year too. I was in front of the pallet and when it was time to grab, I was literally pushed to the floor while everybody was going crazy over the dolls.

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Posted Oct 31, 2014 - 4:43 pm

I am amazed by some of these stories, but I probably shouldn't be!

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Posted Nov 2, 2014 - 3:46 pm

The funniest moment for me was 3 years ago at Target in CA. A hundred or so of us BF shoppers were lined up at Target hours before the doors opened when we start to hear Christmas music. A van comes cruising down the parking lot with it's double doors opened,two guys decked out in tinsel & Christmas lights singing along with the music being pumped out of the speakers. Some of us laughed, some sang and some just stood there looking confused.


Gotta love Black Friday!! :runaway:

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Posted Nov 20, 2014 - 11:54 pm

One year we went to Walmart back in the days of the 5am starts on FRIDAY! I was waiting in line for a TV and my mom would walk around to see what they had out/where and she saw about 10 people she knew from work/church/friends. It was pretty entertaining! 

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Posted Nov 21, 2014 - 1:58 am

most embarrassing moment? every year! My mother refuses to go BF shopping with me because " you get this crazed look in your eyes, i just don't even want to know you".  To be fair.... she is a browser. most memorable? The dazed expression on DH's face after (and i admit... knowing full well what was going to happen) i sent him to get me $2 towels and  the $4 blenders etc. at walmart. He had never been bf shopping with me before. To be fair to me though,  the year before i spent 10 hours outside @ BB waiting for his laptop. it was sleeting on top of the foot of snow we already had.  It was a trial by fire.... he made it out alive, and has went with me every year since, even venturing to go after video games at walmart! ::shudder::

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Posted Nov 21, 2014 - 10:24 am

lol...I love reading the stories but I'm pretty sure if any of this ever happened to my mom and I, I'd be shopping on my own for BF which probably means ONLINE only or later in the day (when its not pitch black).


I can't really think of anything...other than the creep hitting on me last year while waiting to open the pallet of sheets at Walmart (while I'm clearly chatting to my mom AND not interested).....and years ago when we went to KB/RadioShack opening and got some crazy person honikng at us over parking space because we should have known it was theirs while they were still on the other side of the row of parked cars?!


A couple of years ago someone was having a full blown conversation with me about my Gottadeal shirt and I didn't even realize for yonks. When I'm scanning dvd's/blurays for a specific title I am pretty much dead to the world....but more often than not I find what I'm after:) YES...I apologized once I realized.

#43 motoXmom  OFFLINE  



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Posted Nov 21, 2014 - 11:00 am

I've posted this story before but it still cracks me up thinking about it.  I was waiting for our mall to open to get into KB Toys. It was chilly and raining but those of us first in line were under an over hang. A woman came up in a wheelchair and asked if she could just get up by us under the over hang to get out of the rain. Of course we let her right up by the doors and everyone chatted and passed the time. Well as soon as those doors opened this woman sprang up like a bolt of lightening hit her and RAN into the mall and right into the toy store!! Those of us that let her up there were in shock and couldn't help but laugh, one yelled "It's a Miracle!!! "

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Posted Nov 21, 2014 - 6:25 pm

One of my favorite experiences was a few years ago when Walmart had the Nintendo DS for $89.  My husband had called both of our local walmarts only to be told they just had "a few" of the DSs in stock and that people had already been lined up for days.  It felt like a total waste to try and get one, so instead of my mother in law keeping the kids and my husband and I going out extremely early we changed up our plan. My husband was going to stay home with the girls and I'd go shopping later in the morning with MIL instead. We got to the store around 9ish and walked around for a bit shopping, but the DS was not even on my mind because I was convinced they'd sold out hours beforehand. As we walked around, an associate comes over the intercom and announces that there are still tickets available for Nintendo DSs at the paint counter.  :runaway: I high tailed it to the paint counter and asked if there were still pink ones by any crazy chance. They handed me the ticket and sent me to the vision center to pick it up.  When the associate opened the door in the vision center to where the DSs were you could see them piled up from the top of a desk all the way to the ceiling. "We'll run out early" my butt! 

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Posted Nov 21, 2014 - 8:55 pm

Ok kinda funny story.
It was a few years ago and it was my first real Black Friday, I had done may four stores at that point including Walmart (nuh said there), I had gotten shoved into a rack of clothes over a video game, (I got that same game at the same store later on that night for the same price) and I was waiting outside Joann. Mind you I'm holding my bag tight against me, standing tense thinking when the doors open its going to go crazy. And all the other women there are browsing the ad, chatting about what they want to make, talking about their families, ect. One woman looks over at me and goes "which mad house were you in?" I'm going huh? Then she clarified Walmart or target. Well that started the talk about how crazy other stores get, then the poor new kid for the store gets sent out to pass out copies of the ad, with coupons to anyone that needs one. And then he goes back to the doors to open them and goes "please don't trample me." Which gets everyone in earshot laughing, cause when the doors opened much to this kids surprise and mine, everyone just walked in peacefully no shoving, no running, just all calm and orderly. Til you got inside and found two other employees cracking up over convincing the new kid that he was going to be trampled. Every year I love my Joann stop, cause every year it's peacefull, easy, pleasant shopping, people sharing coupons they're not going to use. Then it's back out into crazy land.

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