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OOS - Xbox 360 Bundles - In-Stock @ ToysRus.com $779.92


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This bundle with 6 games:


Xbox 360 Pro Gamer's Bundle with 6 games - Mature

Price: $779.92


* Includes: 6 eye-popping "E," "T," and "M" rated software titles

* Includes: Quake 4, GUN, Call of Duty 2, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, Ridge Racer 6, and Condemned

* Includes: Xbox 360 System

* Includes: Two months of rentals from Gamefly.com




****the one below is now OUT OF STOCK - (sorry from Patty)

Walmart also has it in stock From $579.16

Surround yourself. Our Xbox 360 Live bundle features the Xbox 360 Core System (see details below) with one additional wireless controller, a headset, a 64 MB memory unit, a Play and Charge Kit, Live 12-Month Gold Card and your choice of two games. Simply click below to customize your order now!

search for: 4183890

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