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Culinary Pro Vacuum Sealer was $39.99 now $9.99 @ Blair

Great Dane Mom

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Was $39.99 now $9.99


I don't know how good this one is. Anyone have this brand?


Culinary Pro™ Vacuum Sealer & Freshlock® Bags


Lock in freshness and flavor up to 5 times longer with the Culinary Pro™ vacuum sealer. Buy foods in bulk and seal them into convenient single-serve packages. Includes two 11" x 33' rolls of sealing plastic; extra 3-roll packages sold below. 3¼" H x 4¾" W x 13" L.70W. UL Listed. Imported. (No express delivery.)


Use code QA5 for 15% off $75 ends 12/31/05


Use code 8BU for FREE SHIPPING

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I asked over on the yahoo FoodSaver list I'm on, and no one 'recognized' it as a brand. Several agree it's likely to be "you get what you pay for" with this one, and considering the price is $10...... But it might be worth a try simply because it IS so cheap. Even if it doesn't hold a vacuum for food you could always use it to seal up small parts etc. ;) .



Mary Stacks

[email protected]

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