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Mp3 song download deals/freebies


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this is where my son gets his and they are free


this doesnt look real nice but its free <---- talking about the name of the site

Thanks Reggie!

Has anyone else used this site?

I went to it and looked around, and noticed that it says if you download a song you have to delete it in 24 hours. Why is that, anyone know?


(Haven't downloaded anything yet from there, want more of a background on them)

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I just get my songs off of bearshare. You download the program and you can get as many free songs as you'd like. I use them on my kids MP3's. I have used almost every program out there such as Kazaa and imesh and this is the only one I really like that didn't make my computer run slow or anything. I think the program comes up under cnet but I'm sure if you search google for bearshare you'd find it!
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How do millions of people use it if it's not legal? I pay $30 a year to use it ad free. I thought it was only illegal if you burn and sell cd's?? I'll have to check this out on the net!!

No, it isn't legal. If the RIAA wanted to take action against you they could... (Although the chances of that happening are really slim...)


Read this article:


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