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DEAD! Circuit City got Xbox 360 Hurry! Hurry!


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Well with the Walmart site, it shows in stock - not gte dlvry by christmas tho. But the problem I have is that I can't figure out if the system is OOS or the games I'm trying to get with it are OOS


oh well .. my kids know better to think that I would actually get them something kewl for Christmas - lol

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Circuit City had them in stock until about 11AM EST today. They listed a bundle consisting of the Premium Xbox, PGR game, Memory Module, and extra wireless controller. However, it let me delete the memory module so that I was really able to order what I wanted, without all of the extras, for $497. The only thing that I had to pay for that I normally would not have was $61.79 for overnight delivery to get it in hand by Christmas. Keep checking http://xbox360tracker.com/ because there are a lot more items available online now that the Christmas delivery deadline has passed for most of the retailers.
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