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It's Gonna Take GottaDealers to help me figure this one out - Kohls

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Kohl's is having their home sale and I need towels, picture frames, sheets etc. I have $30 Kohls cash, the coupon for $10 off $50 of home items and a 15% off code. I plan to use all of this in-store. What do I need to spend to qualify to use all of this plus get the $10 Kohl's cash?


I'm not sure in what order they will apply these coupons and I want to get the best deal possible. Please help!

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I usually do the math in my head in the store and end of spending to much but I love Kohls so it's ok. :)


By my calculations if you spend $110 and use all you discounts you should be somewhere are $55 which is enough to qualify for Kohls cash.  I may be off by a dollar or so but IHTH

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If you spend $115 and use 20% off coupon then take of $30 kohls cash then take off

$10 off $50 you should have approximately $52 left before tax so you would get another

$10 kohls cash.

at my store the % comes off after kohls cash regardless of order you hand them over in. It skewed an order cause i had worked out balance then numbers didn't add up. cashier explained but not sure what explanation she gave.

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