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propane tank


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is it for your home? Do you have a propane company close by?


I used to heat and cook with propane (years ago) and the company that I bought propane from put the tank on my property. The only obligation I had was that I HAD to purchase propane from them, couldn't get it from anyone else.

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I own a RV park and sometimes our guests use a tank this big. Try Costco, they have had them in the past. Also, places like Camping World or other RV supply places, as well as RV dealers might be a good place to check.


If needed, I can check out the supplier we use, just let me know!


Good luck!

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Well Home Depot in my area, teamed up with one of those exchange a tank places, and now has tanks of 3 or 4 sizes than contain variuous welding gases. You can buy tanks as well as exchange. I think that may be what he wants if he is using it for welding. If he really plans to use propane?? make sure that garage is well ventilated.
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