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rooCASE Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Case was $39.99 Now $ 3.99 +FS @ Amazon.com


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I don't see it as an add-on item.


You can buy add-on items buy themselves, but you will have to pay shipping.

No, you cannot buy an add on item at all until the items in your cart add up to 25.00. I needed some yarn a few weeks ago and it wouldn't even let me buy them at all with the other items in my cart. When I bought the adapter for my new stereo, they were ALL add on. I called amazon and they said they are physically unable to over ride that . THe rep gave me a 20.00 credit so I would be able to buy teh part I needed. 

It says previous generation?  Should it work with the new ones???

No, they will not all work with the new ones. Because these are the slide in type, you may be able to use them, but htey are all different. I don't like these types, I buy the marware cases only. THey have a nice one for 14.00 and they sent me an amazon locals voucher yesterday for 40% off so I got one pretty cheap. They are usually 39.00

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This will work with the Best Buy deal right?  I don't have all my info on which generation that was.  I believe it was the 2012 first gen, in which case, this case will work.  I guess if not, I'm only out $4.


I was able to buy it for straight up $3.99, nothing else needed to add to my cart, so I don't believe this is an add on only item.

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