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For the Fifty Shades fans


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I am getting this one for my  boss. LOL. Wonder what she would think of this book being that she read the original Fifty Shade of Gray 


If you got a Fifty Shade of Gray fan and is a NON-vegetarian fan then this book is for you. 


It is call Fifty Shade of Chicken (by : F.L Fowler  ) Even the fake author name is CHICKEN related . And, if you get it with Amazon you can use that 30% off ,which expire today. It is a VERY popular book and it has been on a backorder for the last couple of days ( I  know cause I wanted to get it ) go here




on a side note if you got a Walking Dead fan , there is a counter book and is call Snacking the Dead.  and the author is 

D.B.Walker. Go here





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